Unity Cross Ceremony

Presently we might commend this new union with a Unity Cross Ceremony as of now Alan and

Tonya will amass their solidarity cross is a delightful model that they will show in their home to help them to remember the Covenant that they are making today in Genesis section 1 we read that God made man in our picture in God’s own one of a kind picture that implies that he made man to be striking and solid it to beĀ  pioneer to be a defender for his significant other and for his family the external type of this cross speaks to the quality the authority and security of the man the book

of Ephesians reminds spouse to love their wives as Christ has cherished the congregation

totally absolutely giving himself for her too Genesis reveals to us that the

lady was taken from man the lady of the hour’s bit of the solidarity cross speaks to the

magnificence and the numerous abilities of the lady planned with unpredictable delightful

detail and it is a set inside the assurance of the prepare’s cross finishing

the figure and speaking to the two getting to be noticeably one to finish this model speaking to this couples pledge we are putting three pegs

to hold it together these three pegs speak to the Father the Son and the Holy

Soul demonstrating God’s place in this agreement and the security and fulfillment

that exclusive our Heavenly Father can give right now we will put these three

pegs in the cross to finish their model the sacred writing reveal to us that three

strand a three stranded line is difficult to bring consequently a man will clear out

his dad and his mom and be joined to his better half and the two will wind up noticeably one

substance so then Arlo no longer two however one tissue thusly what God joins

together let nobody isolate you

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